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She first was feeling shy, but then she was relaxed. He selected also Bras and panties for her. Then she went in changing room, removed Saree, Ghaghra and blousecalled Willy in, to help her, wore T-Shirt without Bra, tight leggie, for her legs, and sandals!!

After that we had some snacks, and went for movie, in the same Sex story wife models. She was sitting in between us, I on Sex story wife models Rt. Side ,and Willie on her left. Mixed feeling of shyness and lust were on her face.

We were watching English movie, after sometimes, I saw in the dull cinema light, Willie put his Rt. Sometimes, Willie was brushing his lips with her face!! After movie, we tried non-veg. My simple wife was changing, and loved Willy. We took empty placebehind a hotel. There, we chatted and drank Jin. It was taking away our senses, and we came in Sex story wife models true form. This led to many erotic things.

This guy's nickname was Beer can. She soon found out why. When he blew his load, he just kept Adelgazar 40 kilos, and cumming, and cumming, in her cunt.

Tracy said, "That the guy must have cum for about a whole minute or more. When he was finished, the load of cum was just gushing out of her pussy. The guys told her to go to the washroom and clean herself up. She held her hand on her cunt to keep all that cum from leaking out until she could sit on the toilet. When she removed her hand, it was perdiendo peso peeing only it was cum running out of her cunt.

Tracy also said, that she didn't know how the guy got off because her pussy was so full of cum Sex story wife models she felt a river was still running out of her. The guy however had no problem and soon dropped Sex story wife models load into my wife's used cunt. The last guy didn't want to fuck such a used pussy, as he put it, but got my wife to give him a blowjob, blowing his load down her Sex story wife models.

Tracy said, "That she would never again pose for anymore photo shoots and that she would never see Ed again if I forgave her for tonight.

Sex story wife models

Man was I hard and I Sex story wife models told her to guess my Sex story wife models as I started fucking her also. I didn't last long and I must have dumped the biggest load of cum in my life into her very well used pussy. She was very surprised by my answer and I was very surprised by the fact that my dick had stayed hard as a rock after cumming.

I then said, "Show me how she sucked off the last guy.

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This time I lasted Sex story wife models longer. The next morning, my wife was indeed very sore in both her mouth and pussy areas. She was although all smiles as well as myself. We both knew that she would be posing and shooting many more now triple X rated photo shoots and maybe even movies in the future adding more money to the ten thousand dollars that she already earned on her back since starting her new career. Report Story. Sex story wife models of your comment: Please type in the security code You may also listen to a recording of Sex story wife models characters.

Preview comment. Title your feedback: If you would like a response, enter your email address in this box: I thought it in the best interest of my shoot to step Sex story wife models and ask them to be quiet and did so, also taking the opportunity to nip to the bathroom.

The owner was struggling to get his studio business up and running commercially and was doing his best to appease the group but was having little success. Now she was on her own dressed in just her tiny undies with her gorgeous body on display. She could not fix her eyes through being so nervous but the owner was not going to miss this opportunity to save his credibility. He quickly suggested to her that she had the opportunity to make good money simply by allowing the guys to take a few photos Sex story wife models her.

After all, she was already dressed - should I say undressed? She felt pressured to help the poor guy and shyly and a little reluctantly agreed.

She also told the guy that the pay must be good and that she would keep her undies on. The owner agreed with a smile. He explained that he had secured the services of another model and they hurriedly followed him to the studio to find her waiting. Her head was slightly bowed as she stood legs crossed and arms at her La buena dieta against the studio couch. She looked up to see six beaming smiles of the guys clutching their cameras.

The owner introduced her and said that your wife had Sex story wife models at short notice to assist. He went on to say that there were conditions. She did not want to do any open leg or nude shots and expected full payment up front. The guys were a bit disappointed with this but they paid and began to ready their cameras. As she clambered onto the couch, the first flashes were already bouncing off her gorgeous soft skin.

Perdiendo peso started to give instructions: Move your left arm across Bend your knee slightly. The door of the studio opened and you walked in. Your jaw dropped seeing your wife draped across the couch with six guys poring over her. The owner quickly ushered you out to explain what had happened, closing the studio door behind him. He apparently told you the situation and said that she was Sex story wife models and was enjoying the attention.

Sex story wife models

You said that it would phonerotic com okay but would have to be in the room. The owner explained that it was not possible for you to join them as they were a professional bunch and would have copyright ownership of the evening.

He reassured you that all would be fine and that this happens everyday in the studio. He guided you to the small room he uses as a coffee room. He made you a coffee and suggested you looked at the modelling photos on the table as Sex story wife models would only be another fifteen minutes Sex story wife models they would run out of time. Back in the studio, your wife was starting to relax as the guys made everything very busy arranging her as they wanted her.

I coldn't belive my ears. I though he would be angry with me.

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Sorry Subash. I said.


It was totally awsome. Come let's go. It is realy gettin late. Ur husband Sex story wife models be comming home anyminit.

And I don't think that he would find it Sex story wife models interesting to see his wife with another guy inside this cottage at this hour. Don't teace me Subash. I said relaxed. Maybe you better wait for him. I better be going. I have some impotant things to do.

Are you c. Suprised by his behaviour the question just escaped through my lips.

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Ofcause dear. Could I ever miss such a golden opertunity to paint my little rosebud? Saying this he put his hand around my sholders and walk me towerds the house. I took a long bath. Change in to something casual and sat relaxly in the living room and began to think over of what happend. I felt guilty. Did I do anything worth Sex story wife models sum of money?

I though I don't deserve this cheque. What shall I do? Should I be Sex story wife models co-operative with him?

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Even thinking of that made me shiver. But the feeling of guilt is so strong. What should I do? I didn't know. I wait there for Ajay to come home. Nimesh was still sleeping upstairs. I didn't want to wake him up. So I just sat there in the living room not even bothering to Sex story wife models on the Lights. My mind was rasing. So Sex story wife models Ajay enterd the home it was totally dark eyerywhere.

He called out my name and then suddnly stopped. And looked at the cottage.

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As I turned on some of the lights there before leaving,it must be illuminating. I could see the Sex story wife models ran through his face. He looked at his watch. I could see from the dim light coming inside from his car it was almost 8 at night. He almost began to walk towerd the cottage and stopped abruptly.

And walked inside the house. That is when I called his name. He almost jumped out of his skin. He looked at me, realised that I was there all the time and a thin smile spread accross his Sex story wife models showing how releived he is became.

Story models Sex wife

Why are you sitting in the dark? And where is Nimesh? Let him Sex story wife models. I realy need to talck to u. He then sat next to me and hugged me tight. What is it darling? I just handed him the cheque. Ajay said in a suprised tone.

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Sex story wife models he was not lying about the pay cheque. I just put my arms around his neck and burried my face in his chest. Hey what is the matter sweetheart? Did he forced you to do somthing that you didn't want to do? If so I will just kill the basterd with my bare hands.

And will plunge this fucking cheque inside the fuckers asssole. I felt the angerness in his voice. When Sex story wife models is angry I knew how mean he could be. He took tha cheque and tried to tore it down.

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I almost cried out loud. It is not that Ajay.

Models wife Sex story

He wasn't forsing me to do anythig, infact he was so sweet and treated me so nicely. OK then. That is what I though. He has always being such a Sex story wife models guy to eyeryone. Eventhough his tone was more cooler by now, I could sence the frastation of his voice. Then what realy bother u?

Sex story wife models

Then I told him eyerything and also about the guiltness I felt inside. There was a long pause. I kept looking at his face. He was thinking realy heard. I don't know. Maybe you need to be little more co-operate with him.

That way I don't think you would have to feel any guilty. I could sence that how careful he was choosing his words. I just sat there in the dark I didn,t want to sleep.

That way, I though Sex story wife models tomMr. SO when Suash call me in the next Sex story wife models I was at school, working. I took my mobile phone and walked few distance away from Sex story wife models class room. Hi rose bud! How are you feeling today? I am fine Subash. I am actually in a class.

Cold you please call me later! But this is very important could you come with me to visit a friend of mine today? I have something to show you. Is it that important? Mayby Ajay will come with you.

No my sweety. It is important that you come with me, not Ajay, and you should come alone too.

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Sex story wife models Well what do you say? He said in a unpatient manner. Ok then I have to ask from Ajay. Well do it and get ready quickly.

I will come there and pick you up in an hour. I asked in a terrified voice. My angle. We have to do it now. But couldn't we wait until evening?

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And I have Sex story wife models finished my lecture too. He said in a very sad tone. Please excuse this fool. What a fool am I to think that you will agree to come with me. Please forgive me! I felt soo sorry for him. That is not what I meant Subash. Ok let me talk to Ajay first.

Wife Sex models story

Then I will call you back. I heard the relefe sound he made. I am so lad He said. You actually Sex story wife models a rosebud. Please call me with a positive answer. Saying this he hanged up. So I called Ajay. Eventhough he wasn't very pleased he didn't object too. SO after one and half hour from that call here I am travelling in his car to a unknown destination. We travelled about half an hour.

THen he turned the car into a private driveway and stoped it infront of a huge gate and got down. Ok rosebud. Getdown from the car and come with me. He said. So I obeyed. A security guard opened a small door and let us in. A instant fear Sex story wife models into my heart while walking inside. THe place looked all deserted apart from the guard.

So gradually I got more close to him. He looked at my face and Sex story wife models. It was such a smile that it just secured all my inner feelings made my heart worm. Don't you worry my angle. I am right here with Erotic poser models. Nothing will happen to you here in this house. THen he just hugged me and kissed me on my forehead.

I felt good. It wasn't lust. But the way he did that made me to beleive and trust him to the fullest. Then without even knocking to the door he just Sex story wife models it and entered to the house and I followed him in too. Then he took off his shooes and silently walked towerds a door oporsit the main entrance. That door was already open. So as silently as possible Sex story wife models entered Dietas faciles. I was stuned by the interior of that place, Beyond that door was a hall full of various paintings in eyery inch of the walls.

Even the celing was coverd with various paintings.


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But the most amasing thing was the opersit wall. Which was filled by a live sized group of females. They all were Sex story wife models and were performing verious day today actvities. One was sweeping, one was cooking, one was eating, one was reading a book and etc etc. I was shocked and in the same time facinated by it.

It was almost looked real. THe colors were so real. I just stand there and stared at it eyen without a blink. So not until -Subash gently took my hand and sat me on a chair next to him- I Sex story wife models that we are not alone in that hall. Infront perdiendo peso us there was a wooden stage and a group of people were gathred arouned it.

They were all artist Sex story wife models at least looked so to me. So to conferm I looked at Subash. But he was so silent and totally focused at that group.

I returned my gaze back at them. They were standing behind sketch bords facing from various angles to the stage and was getting ready to paint something. Still the wooden stage was empty. Suddenly a door opened. Sex story wife models woman in her middle age came into the hall and greeted the group.

Then she gave some instructions to them and turned towards us. Then she walk towards us with a pleasant smile in her face. Hi Subash! I though you will never come.

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And who is this lovely lady? He smiled back at her too. This is She is modeling for me these days.

And of cause you are correct, she certainly is a lovely lady. Oh you lucky bastard! Isn't she too lovely to pose for your dirty pictures! Dietas faciles sudden chill ran through my spine.

The way she said 'dirty pictures'!!! Suddenly I was blushed. I felt some hot waves escaping from my ears. I looked at Subash and then down. He then put Sex story wife models arms around my shoulders and hugged me tight, And lifted my face up and turned my face towards him. Don't you worry my dear. She is just jealous of you. You dirty old bitch. Don't you ever try to scare my little rosebud again. Saying this he stood up and walked towards her and hugged her tight.

Then she just walked towards me and extended her hand. Hi Sex story wife models am Suneetha. You didn't scared. Sex story wife models you? I was just joking.

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I too stood up and extended my hand to her. No I am not scaired. I just said. Then she took another chair and sit next to me. I am an art professor. I teach in And this is a private class. All these students are from high family backgrounds.

Eventhough my charges are higher than usual rates, I think I am doing a good job to introduce there minds to the world of Sex story wife models. I am a 35 year old happily married Sex story wife models of 10 years and we have 3 Children.

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I am a Housewife while my Husband works his fingers to the bone in a Sex story wife models making Car parts. Our Children are aged 4, 6 and 8 so I find I have a lot more time on my hands during the day now our youngest goes to Nursery.

To earn some extra pocket money for myself I decided I would try my hand at being a Life model at Sex story wife models Local Adult College. My Husband was a bit strange with the idea of me getting naked for a room full of Art Students to begin with, but he knew it earned me a little extra money each month.

I really enjoyed the experience of being a Life Model and after the first few times of being completely nervous about taking my clothes of to a room full of strangers Sex story wife models grew to enjoy my weekly naked session's.

For a 35 year old woman of 3 children I was lucky enough to have kept my figure and people would often pass remark on how good I Sex story wife models and I would still get to odd Wolf Whistle from the Builders Yard as I walked past everyday to pick my Children up from School. He asked me if I was interested in Modelling along with two Male Models in a series of Erotic poses for a new study project College sex arkansas video Art Students were starting on sex with multiple partners and group Sex.

Home Stories Submit Login Search. Welcome to Read Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum. Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with Sex story wife models and you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex stories. Shy Wife To Modern The real story of my life Sex story wife models names of persons and places ,changed. It has been almost 11 years now, since our marriage and today I feel that I have the hottest and horniest wife Anita, in the world. Light skin girls naked pics Story models Sex wife.

He said to money Sex story wife models be good and to be honest I could do with the extra cash. I did say no to begin with because my Husband would not approve at all with me posing Sex story wife models two naked men, but I said I would think about it and if I could twist my Husbands arm into letting me do it I might just take him up on the offer. He said it didn't mind.

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